To protect the environment, to tackle the impact of production processes, to promote scientific progress – these are the imperatives that we stand by.

Our goal is to develop green strategies to reduce the impact of antropic processes, benefitting both the environment and human health. By adopting a holistic approach we combine biotechnologies, engineering, and tradition to develop efficient and eco-friendly solutions. We offer alternative strategies to prevent (or eliminate) the production of pollutants.


is a natural product developed for fruit preservation.
It is 100% made from plant extracts, safe for both humans and the environment.

The challenge
According to recent estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), one third of the world's food is wasted every year. In 2011, this amounted to 1.3 billion tonnes of edible material, 80% of which was still consumable.
Based on producer prices alone, the direct annual cost of food waste amounts to $750 billion. Furthermore, in order to sustain the current global population growth, agricultural production will have to increase by 60% until 2050.
Considering that most smallholders in developing countries live on the margins of food insecurity, waste prevention will be a key factor in the evolution towards a fair and sustainable global economy.


The Product

  • Liquid or gaseous treatment
  • Natural delay of fruit ripening
  • Prevention of common phyto- and physopathologies
  • Better retention of physical-chemical and organoleptic properties throughout storage and transportation
  • Lengthening of product shelf-li
  • Decrease of post-harvest food loss
  • 100%, safe and clean
*the fruit shown is only generic representative for specific cultivars of climaterial fruit


Diversified and multidisciplinary team:the blending of transversal backgrounds and areas of expertise are among GREEN CODE’s top assets.

CEO – co-founder
• 1st level Master in Economics & Management
• 4+ experience years in Business Analysis, Strategy and Management
• 29 years old
CCO – co-founder
• M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
• 3+ experience years as Project Engineer
• 5+ years as International Business Development Manager and Regional Manager
• 34 years old
CLO – Company Lawyer
• M.Sc. Law
• LL.M. Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Communication
• 3+ years as Legal Consultant in the fields of IP, Antitrust Law, M&A, Corporate Law
• 28 years old
COO - Technical Engineer (R&D) & Project Manager
• M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
• 5+ years as Project Engineer and Tender Procurement Manager
• 30 years old
Biotechnologist Team leader
• M.Sc. Plant Biotechnology
• 4+ experience years as researcher
• 2 experience years as Director of non-profit scientific organizations
• 29 years old

                 Collaborators line-up:                 1 Attorney-at-law                  6 Biotechnologists                 1 Architect                 2 IT consultants


Awards and Acknowledgments

Selected list of awards and acknowledgments obtained by our product

      Provincia autonoma di Trento "Investiamo nel vostro futuro"

Beneficiario programma Operativo 2014-2020 Fondo Europeo di sviluppo regionale FESR

Primo premio innovazione D2T - Trentino Sviluppo spa

Primo Premio Everis Italia

Primo all'innovazione amica dell'ambiente


Climate - Kic Startup Accelerator Italy - Aggiudicatario


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